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swagato is a online food ordering php script, swagato developed for whos people who want to start their business in online food industry. Online food ordering platform growing day by day. Hotels and restaurants searches increasing in online because it is one of the fastest business nowadays. Start your own business in food ordering system by using our Readymade Food Ordering Script and earn more money from the script and to see a universe of the business. And we developed the website for Food Ordering and Delivery Script to help entrepreneur to start business like food panda, Swiggy. Our Food Delivery Script allows restaurants to increase sales and expand business by giving customers the ability to order food online for the customer satisfaction.

Core features of Swagato

Swagato is a online food ordering php script, So many features are given in swagato food ordering script. here is some features of swagato

  • 1. Dual Mode ( Multi Vendor / Single vendor )
  • 2. Multi Language
  • 3. More than 39 Language translation support with Yandex API -
  • 4. Google Adsence
  • 5. Google Translation API
  • 6. Google APi for location detect
  • 7. Kartik Editable Extension
  • 8. Stripe Payments Plugin installed ( many more plugin are available like : paypal, payumoney, skrill, paytm)
  • 9. SEO Tools - manage meta tags, meta keyword in very simple way
  • 10. External Css / Js Support
  • 11. Yandex and Google translator
  • 12. Editable extension - its a very user friendly feature in swagato, this extension makes data updation easy, and prevent page loading, save time and effort, Earlier record maintenance was not easy
  • 13. Easy Delete Record (Ajax query)
  • 14. Custom Field
  • 15. Tax Class
  • 16. Yii2 Advance Framework
  • 17. PHP 7.4 enable
  • 18. Ajax Based Admin Panel
  • 19. Meta tags Manager

Swagato - A Complete Solution of Food Ordering

Swagato has three native script

  • 1. User Module
  • 2. Restaurants Partner Module
  • 3. Delivery Partner Module
  • 4. Admin
User Module

Swagato allow user to order a food, Very user friendly search bar are provided in swagato, Ajax Search is Quick and fast, and prevent page loading. this swaggato is developed according to user behavior, very easy to understand, advance algorithm food Ordering makes simple, and done in some step.

  • 1. Select Location ( Address of food delivery)
  • 2. Choose your foods and add to the cart
  • 3. Make Payment
  • 4. Done
Restaurant Partner Module

Hello, if you use swagato then be happy and relax about single and multi restaurants operator's, swagato allow multi vendors/restaurants account. as well as you can use swagato as single vendor if you don't want to allow any user to add their restaurants with you.

swagato works on two mode

  • Single vendors - in this mode only can add items and no other user associate with you. only you can gets order, which is you can manage directly from admin section.
  • Multi vendors - in this mode any user can join their restaurant with you. and they able to receive order from other user.
Features of Restaurant Partner Module

Swagato provide many feature to the restaurant partner, here is some major feature of swagato, this makes swagato best script on codecanyon

Add Items

Create own food groups - makes menu more user friendly, a food seeker can easily understand the menu, and can order without any doubt.

Payout - Track earning,manage withdrawal, and request a amount to be withdrawn. this section help restaurants partner to show their earning, restaurant partner can view how much they earn, and request a amount to be withdraw

NOTE - Every withdrawal request would be processed by in admin panel, admin can limit a amount to be withdrawn, and fix a minimum amount of withdrawal

Oder Dashboard - Order dashboard show all order request, restaurant partner can filter this request and check which one is pending, delivered and cancel.

  • Get all Order request
  • Can Accept/reject order
  • View Order status

Order Security using OTP

We are surrounded by many scammers, and many customersis afraid of an online food delivery service. Some Time the customers receives the wrong item, and delivery boy pick the items from restaurants and not deliver to the customers. we include a verification feature in our script, in which every time we verify restaurant and delivery boys activities.

How we do that? - When the restaurant partner gives the ordered items to the delivery boy. system shows an otp in the order detail page, this option is required to pick up the ordered item from the restaurant. If the delivery boy submits this OTP to his profile, we verify whether this delivery boy is certified or not. We then allow the delivery boys to take this order.

Similarly, as the customer places an order, the Verification OTP is shown its order list, this option confirming whether the customer has received his ordered food. otp is verify the delivery of ordered food item

Mobile Dedicated Web App

its a truly mobile dedicated design, who support many devices and browser. mobile jquery is a trusted and tested platform for mobile web application development.

Mobile Jquery

This Web app is powered by jquery mobile, truly mobile dedicated design, specially develop for delivery partners, who using mobile phones

User Friendly

Very simple and user friendly design, easy to understand, easy to use, no confusiion

Delivery Partner App

This Web app is powered by jquery mobile, truly mobile dedicated design, specially develop for delivery partners, who using mobile phones, this web app can easily access from any mobile devices.

This web app specially designed for delivery boys who does not carry heavy machine like laptop, computer etc. swagato Delivery Partner module are fully mobile friendly built with mobile jquery. its a truly mobile dedicated design, who support many devices and browser. mobile jquery is a trusted and tested platform for developing mobile web application. we developed delivery partner App in mobile jquery.

Collection - Module

If you own a business, main thing is that how to earn from market/user. Collation Module is developer for promoting restaurants partner and other external URL, this module specially make to earn more money from external sources

How to add a collection?

Its very simple just login to admin panel, and you got collation module in base setting,

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